Your search for a unique royal wedding destination ends here. Neemrana Fort-Palace is even more amazing than its photographs can describe! There are medieval, rustic parts ideal for outdoor garden settings making it a great alternative to a destination wedding in Jaipur, just as there are interiors ideal for a palatial royal wedding. 

Neemrana’s first royal wedding was a London-Singapore affair in 1992, with guests in a chartered plane. A chapel was created with a thousand candles. White and orange Oriental lillies hung from baskets in the central court. A black tie dinner followed – not stiff upper-lipped, but with laughter and champagne. 

The second was a Punjabi royal wedding, held in this fort, with much festivity, drums, dancing, strings of marigolds and showers of rose petals. The 15th century Fort-Palace adapted well to both the royal weddings. Neemrana has also married many Indians to westerners making it a preferred alternative to a destination wedding in Jaipur and closer too! Rudyard Kipling’s ballad ‘Oh, East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet’ seems to ring untrue: the twain do indeed meet and ‘mate’!

Now with a Roman amphitheatre which seats some 200 people, hanging gardens, as well as Uncha Bagh and varied other locations for the day and night functions, this venue is a apt for all those looking to have or host a destination wedding in Jaipur but minus the city noise.  Neemrana is the favourite venue for extravagant royal weddings within the National Capital Region of Delhi. It’s hard to find a match for such magic.

We solemnised our niece's royal wedding at Neemrana Fort Palace. The experience in one word was 'FABULOUS'. The arrangements were impeccable, the ambience, out of this world and most importantly the attitude and hospitality of the staff was so good that it has to be seen to be believed. All events connected with the wedding, starting from the Wedding procession, Milni, Jaimala, Kalbeliya dance, the wedding ceremony at the Amphitheater and the Vidaai in a flower bedecked Doli were of a very high standard and went off with clockwork precision. The highpoint of course was the wonderful gourmet experience. The choicest delicacies and desserts were loved by all. The management also handled a minor medical emergency very professionally and promptly.

Commander Saket

New Delhi, India

“Just a short note to thank you very much for the wonderful arrangements made for my daughter, Ruchira and Ashu's Neemrana Fort wedding was held from 19-21st Dec 2012.For all our guests and us, it was truly a magical experience and your staff went out of their way to execute things perfectly and particularly thanks go to the F&B manager and GM not forgetting your staff in Delhi. I have had the experience at numerous hotels in India but yours is best described as a "non-hotel-hotel with a homely atmosphere" which is greatly appreciated! My wife, Dr. Urvashi joins me in thanking you both and words cannot express thanks to you all for going out of your way. Wishing you the very best for the New Year, warm personal regards.” 

Dr. Urvashi & Dr. Ajaya Nand Jha

Delhi, India

“Just wanted to say a BIG, BIG thank you to all of you, for helping us plan our fort wedding at lovely Neemrana...that too at such relatively short notice, and given the fact that neither me nor my husband had any leave from work to give it our full attention! We really appreciate all the co-ordinating you did, answering our endless queries and relentlessly e-mailing us into making our decisions, especially those last minute ones! :)  Our guests loved the venue and the food, and we have some beautiful memories we will always cherish, in great part, thanks to you :). Neemrana will definitely get our thumbs up and as many recommendations we can give out, henceforth! Warmest wishes.”

Victor & Radhika 

Delhi, India

“I believe you were helping my parents Dr Shri Kant and Dr Aruna Gupta for my beautiful Neemrana Fort wedding arrangements. I wanted to thank you for your suggestions, assistance and coordination. I know that it was not easy. Our fort wedding worked out to be beautiful and everything we planned went smoothly and efficiently by your very personable staff at the hotel. Please convey my thanks and best wishes to all involved, best wishes.” 

Shiva Kant


“Dear Team,

Mum beat me to the thank you note but we have been overwhelmed by compliments and feedback from our wedding guests. I also have to add that the F&B Manager did a spectacular job handling the good, beverages and in particular, taking care of our friend Amy who has severe food allergies. She visited us last week here in Jakarta and was raving about the care and attention shown to her. You guys put in a wonderful effort and we will always remember your patience and helpfulness. Best wishes.”

 Nidhi and Eric

Jakarta, Indonesia