• I would like to thank you for your efforts and dedication to organise our team event this year. Thanking the entire team of Neemrana for the wonderful hospitality.

    Hetal Waghela

    Greater Pacific Capital India...
  • Thank you for the wonderful arrangement and hospitality at Neemrana. My team had a very nice experience of the royal setup. Looking forward to few more get-together/corporate meetings from our side at the resort.

    Pradipta C. Rath

    EXL Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • The hotel service has a great quality, both because of its comfortable and appropriate facilities, as well as service and constant concern for comfort.

    Taahira Kandhari

    Microsoft Corp India Pvt. Ltd
  • The two days which followed at Neemrana were moments of marvelling : discovering hanging gardens, flowers, our room, the gift on the bed, the bathroom hollowed out in the rock, the songs of unknown birds in the morning, a monkey coming to trouble us on our second night, the labyrinth of the hotel, the basin encircled by fresh flowers and illumination at night...

    Muriel Kurt

  • Neemrana is, in my humble opinion, the “Fort of all Forts”, as I do believe that there isn’t and cannot be another like it.

    Kanwar Ratanjit Singh

  • I am not given to gushing usually, but since we walked into the fort, I have been gushing, and in superlatives. The gardens are glorious, the lighting superb, the staff welcoming without being intrusive. I think the words we have used most frequently while in the fort, and when talking about it since, have been ‘magical’, ‘fairy-tale setting’, and ‘perfect’.

    Ritu Chaudhry

  • Our stay at Neemrana Fort-Palace was one of the highlights of our trip for me. What you’ve done there is astounding. Two years ago we visited the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. I thought it was one of the most stunning buildings I’ve ever seen, but it was empty. At Neemrana it’s as if you brought the Alhambra to life. It was a truly extraordinary experience.

    Christine Worth Vergara

    Los Angeles
  • The oldest among the palace hotels and the closest to Delhi, Neemrana provides an evocative experience extending beyond the physical structure… providing in a real sense a brush with history… it has a mesmeric appeal, a haunting, romantic ambience.

    Destination Traveller

    New Delhi
  • You have created frames that change at the end of every corridor and unexpected opening. But this space is created by a poet like Aman, an aesthete like Francis.

    Imtiaz Dharker

    Poet & Painter
  • One of those profound experiences... a yardstick with which to measure other retreats/hotels.

    Anita Rau Badami