Finally, in 1986, the ruins were acquired for restoration. In 1991 Neemrana Fort - Palace opened its doors with the nobility of its façade raised, and just 15 liveable rooms. In 2000 Neemrana won the Intach-Satte award for restoration & tourism for ‘being the foremost example of how we can pick architectural treasures  from the national dustbin and turn them around... Neemrana has become synonymous with ‘restoration for re-use.’ In 2004, Neemrana was nominated for the Aga Khan Award.

Now in 2014, Neemrana Fort-Palace is finally ready with 71 rooms/suites and rampart gardens . An additional wing now houses the pool and health spa, an amphitheatre, the hanging gardens with a salon, a restaurant with a roof-top garden and conference rooms and many special suites.

What was once a grand ruin, now stands resplendent.

Neemrana not only strive to revive and restore the heritage structure but it also generate jobs and economic reforms for locals by hiring local peoples.