Film Location-Ideal For Film Shoots


The Neemrana Fort-Palace heritage hotel near Delhi is an ideal destination for film shootings. Midway between New Delhi and Jaipur, it is an ideal choice for directors looking to portray period history. The two billion year old Aravalli ranges on which the fort is sited and which surround Neemrana are a unique site and can be used by directors that use locales with an inventive imagination.  Within the fort many different architectural styles : Sultanate, Rajput, Mughal and Colonial offer ready-made sets. A ruined watch tower and a fort crown the two hills and have amazing panoramic views around. Many major flicks like Qila, Major Saab, Dil Se and more had been shot at The Neemrana Fort-Palace.


There is ample accommodation for the crew in the vicinity of the Fort-Palace and a variety of accommodation options nearby to reduce the burden and crowding at the site of the shooting. A seven-tiered stepwell that descends underground, is an architectural wonder of the 16th century which can be used to great artistic advantage.

Video shoot location charges are Rs. 1.5 lakhs per day.

Still photography location charges are Rs. 75,000 per day.