The 15th century Neemrana Fort-Palace holds innovative, open-air conferences in winter, overlooking the open, unending countryside – till eternity. Or in a variety of interiors. With 6 acres of palaces tiered over 12 levels, there is more history and many more terrace views than can be digested in just one visit. 

As Delhi’s favourite venue for conferences, off-sites and retreats, the 15th c. NEEMRANA FORT-PALACE is not unknown to Corporates. With 3 conference halls – the demand for conferences has also gone up three folds ! An analysis of the comments from our long list of corporate users has lessons for all. Now, take advantage and learn from our heavily-guarded open secret:

Six hidden lessons for all conference organisers !

1. Most clients love Neemrana’s proximity (100 kms from New Delhi’s international airport). You are there in just 90 or 120 minutes. Low transportation costs also means that you waste less time of your team as well as the participating delegates –  who are always rushed.
Lesson 1 - Cut out the distance which cuts on productive time.

2. Corporates are delighted with the quick cut-off point from the city as they drive out. When the green fields arrive, they forget they’re actually talking work.
Lesson 2- Forget the office cabins even while you talk and think of work.

3. A flexible and unique choice of conferring spaces: from 11 large suites for intimate meets, to the vast Jalgiri Mahal (below) which can seat 100 participants overlooking the pool. There is also the 30-seater Kasturi Mahal suspended between the hill & the hanging gardens – and a Darbar Mahal that seats 45.
Lesson 3- Offer unexpected choices- even satisfied clients don’t mind More.

4. The fact that people get lost in the labyrinths of Neemrana and find themselves again, brings out the child in them, thereby becoming more receptive to new messages.
Lesson 4- Revive your playful childhood. It carries easy learning into adulthood.

5. The fact the extraordinary cultural shows can be performed in the amphitheatre on the hill, relaxes delegates and makes them mix, talk, laugh. At Neemrana, the best of India’s heritage is proudly showcased to the world.
Lesson 5- No work is complete without play. So play hard to work better.

6. The feedback on Neemrana’s cuisine has been wonderful too. ‘Like home food’, many said, ‘but better!’ And many others were surprised to find French pastry and Italian pasta in the medieval Indian setting.
Lesson 6- food is literally man’s most important input. So why compromise on your food for thought?

Neemrana conferences do give the bottom-line a great high !